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Meet the Fam

Hey y'all! We are Jeff + Cait, owners of Magical Preasts Design Co! We've been together since 2012 and have two amazing kids, Maggie & Brooks. We love to travel, spend time with our friends & family, and cheer on the WVU Mountaineers!


Magical Preasts Design Co. was an idea long before it was brought to a reality. Jeff and Cait were married in 2014 and moved four times in 2.5 years. They lived in Florida, southern West Virginia, North Carolina, and finally settled back in Charleston, West Virginia in 2017.

Our Magical Beginning

They dreamed of owning their own business with hints of magic and adventure within it. Cait – a former Walt Disney World cast member – wanted to make sure their company included a tribute to one of her favorite places, and Jeff wanted to be sure it included lots of things inspired by their home state. In June 2017, Magical Preasts Design Co. was launched.

Since then, the Magical Preasts have successfully launched a brand out of their home that features exclusive apparel, accessories, and stickers for tailgating in the Blue Lot or traveling to magical places near and far from home.

We Made It Official!

After discovering multiple of their original designs had been stolen by a national department store company, Jeff and Cait took action and registered their Blue Lot Saturdays and Hail! Yes designs with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In October 2020, both designs were registered and published!

Stand Apart from the Crowd

Magical Preasts Design Co. was founded based on a passion for gear that can make every day magical. Our high threshold for quality items ensures every product that goes out our front door will be comfortable, stylish, and last a long time. We take pride knowing customers return to us time and time again because they truly love our creations.

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